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This is really a disappointment. If you're a Narusaku fan who don't like the ending, but accepted it, I don't mind...however those who are crazy enough to beg, harassed, and send death threats to Kishimoto, I have a problem. I knew you guys are going to be furious about the ending, but I never thought it's going this far to make a petition to force Kishimoto to make an alternative ending just because your favorite pairing didn't get canon. Before you assumed I'm a Naruhina fan, I'm not. I don't like Naruto because of the pairing, but only the story.

The story of Naruto is about a boy who is an outcast who wanted to be recognized by the people of the village so they could see him more than a monster and trying to get his best friend back. NOT Naurto getting a girlfriend and getting laid. No, that's not what the manga is about. It's about friendship and not giving up. It's not even a romance manga and if you hadn't noticed. It's Shonen. An action manga. It doesn't showed that much romance. Is this all you care about? Naruto getting together with Sakura? Is that all you care about? Kishimoto's assistant even posted on Twitter that Naruto belongs to Kishimoto. I am so disgusted how you guys are acting right now. You are acting like children! Are you saying authors should listen to their fandom and not their own ideas? Are you saying that authors like J.K Rowing, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, Stephen King should listen to you of how they you wanted the novel to end?

Also banning Naruto because your favorite pairing didn't get canon? Are you insane? Are you out of your mind? Do you know how immature you're acting? Do you know how selfish you're acting? You're acting like a spoil brat. Do you do this to your parents if you don't get what you want? If you do, then you are a spoil brat. Does a pairing really matter? Does it matter if your favorite pairing didn't get canon? Why do pairings matter to you and not the story itself? Many Narusaku fans online are now anti-Naruto because of Naruto and Sakura didn't end up together. It's just a ship. Get over it. You want him to change it because you don't like how it ends? Too bad the ending is already out.

Do you know what you guys remind me of? Harry Potter and Heroes of Olympus fans. Yeah, you do, but AT LEAST they don't send death threats and harassed J.K. Rowing and Rick Riordan to change the ending. They're mature enough to accept the ending the way it is. Sure they were a bit disappointed, but they don't go far to make a stupid petition to banned something from the United States. I will admit, there are fans who are still in denial that Nico di Angelo is homosexual and not accepting the fact Nico moved on from his crush. At least those fans don't go out of control to make a petition. And if you do read these books that I just mentioned, think to yourself and remember the way you acted towards these endings of the Deathly Hallows and the Blood of Olympus. I don't want your opinion if you like the ending or not, I want you to realized how you acted and COMPARE to the way you're acting right now.

Yes, there is liking and disliking an ending, but going far to make death threats to an author who spend 15 years for Naruto is stupid. Do you know what J.K. Rowing said when she finished the Deathly Hallows?

"People aren't going to like it. Oh well, I guess it's part of liking and disliking a book isn't it?"

Yes, J.K. Rowing knew Harry Potter fans aren't going to like the ending and does she care how you felt? No, because it's just an ending. She knew how Harry Potter will end ever since she wrote the Philosopher Stone. Every author knows what ending for their characters ever since they wrote their novel. This is one of a process of being an author.

As a writer, if I saw my fans acting this childish, I'll be disappointed because they're giving me death threats on Twitter or making a facebook page to kill me just for a shipping to be canon. Writers can write the hell they want. We write and finish the novel the way we wanted. Not you. If this is how you're going to appreciate an ending from your other favorite authors, then that's pretty low and disappointing. If you do this to every favorite author you admired and loved, they'll just see you as a selfish person who just want thing the way they wanted. Naruto isn't your property. It belongs to Kishimoto. You can't tell him what to do because this is his manga not yours. You're not the one who wrote the manga. He did. Stop thinking you have the right o force someone to change an ending just because your ship didn't get canon. It's just an ending.

Do I have to bring up the endings of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent, and The Faults in Our Stars. Yes, not many people like those endings, while many cry because Gus died, but did you complain the endings of these books? No because they were just endings and you didn't mind, but you DO mind the ending of Naruto. Do you think making death threats at Kishimoto and making a petition will do anything good? Everyone has an opinion of how everything is going to end. You can't please everyone to make an ending they want. That's impossible.

Also you crazy otaku Narusaku fans, you selfishness and immaturity is making ALL the Naruto fans look bad because of your complaint. Yes if you didn't realized it, you 're making the whole Naruto fandom like freaks who only care about pairings. I don't see why you can't accept an ending that is canon. Just because your favorite ship didn't get canon, doesn't mean you can't force an author to change it because of your selfishness. Move on with your life. Pairings aren't a big deal because it's just pairings. There's nothing special about pairings.

I've seen many fans, mature fans from every fandom, who don't like the ending, but at least they accepted it and move on. Sure their favorite pairing didn't get canon, but at least they moved on. They made fanart and fanfiction just to please themselves. They don't go on the internet attack authors and make a petition. Also if that petition did make Naruto banned, do you know how many fans will be furious? So go, stop complaining, make fanart like you usually do and go write your alternative ending of Naruto. Stop with this petition and death threats. It's not going to get you anywhere.

Let me asked you this: If you wrote a book that you've worked on for 15 years and you wrote the ending the way you wanted it and suddenly you are being attack by your crazy fans and they started a petition to banned you books just because of a pairing that wasn't canon. How would you react? How would you feel if someone did that to you?

Seriously think about what you're doing and calm down. It's just an ending. It's not a big deal. Who cares if your pairing didn't get canon? Why do we have fanfiction for? It's not the end of the world. It's not going to ruin your life. It's just an ending, deal with it. Stop with this petition and death threats. Think of how Kishimoto feels. Do you think he'll be please that his fans are overreacting about a ship that didn't get canon? You're acting like little children. Little six year old having a tantrum. You're selfish and you have a huge ego! Be glad there is Naruto! I am so disgusted and disappointed by every NaruSaku fan who acts like this! If you don't act like this, good for you, you're accepting and mature and I give you thumbs up. Those of you who are the ones who signed the petition, just let it go. Every Naruto fan is upset by your actions and stop this.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. If you send me hate comments, threats, or anything ridiculous, I'll just sit back and laugh.

P. S.

You're acting exactly like the obsessive NuttyMadam3575.


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Hey, this is Killerninja123! Before people mistake my gender, I'm a girl. All I can say that I'm from Sparks, Nevada and I'm Vietnamese American. I also have a account, which is (no surprise) killerninja123.

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